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February 2017

CBD and Kratom for Withdrawals

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Withdrawals can be very painful and difficult to deal with, but not impossible. Here are some ways to make the journey a bit less painful and more successful.  First off knowing what to expect and staying a step ahead of the symptoms is the game plan.

The first face deals with physical pain and it can last up to a month. Expect vomiting, diarrhea, sweating, shakiness and dehydration. Having said that, it is important to be prepared for it by staying comfortable. Keep some towels close to you, change the bed sheets as often as possible, because of the sweat and all. Staying hydrated is very important due to the extreme sweating, vomiting and diarrhea the body looses hydration, so drinking water is very important thru this journey.

Second face affects mentally and emotionally, the symptoms might include anxiety, depression, hallucinations, crying and irritability. Fortunately there are a few natural methods that can help with both the first and second face simultaneously.

Kratom. This miraculous plant will help with a lot of withdrawal symptoms while simultaneously  giving out some extra attributes to make the journey easier. For example the Kratom strains that help with withdrawal symptoms are: Maeng Da , it helps with anxiety, tension and decreases  depressing or suicidal thoughts while also giving out a boost of energy and acting as a mild sedative. Other strains that help are Premium Red Bali, Green Malay, Red Vained Borneo, Thai and Green-Veined Borneo.  Kratom comes in liquid, powdered and capsule form.

CBD is another way to help ease the physical pain and emotional break downs. It can help with anxiety, and depression. CBD also combats shakiness and is great for relieving body pain. It comes in many forms, edible or  for external use.

We hope this helped you, good luck. 🙂

December Giveaway

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This December 30th we will be announcing 3 winners for our December giveaway! There will be 3 different prizes, with the third place prize being a hookah ($30 value), the second place prize being a Viking Axe grinder ($50 value), and the Grand prize being a Mobius Water Pipe ($99 value). To enter our giveaway simply visit any of the El Paso Smoke Shop Facebook pages (Mesa Smoke Shop, Fox Plaza Smoke Shop, Dyer Smoke Shop, Montana Smoke Shop, Lee Trevino Smoke Shop, McCombs Smoke Shop, George Dieter Smoke Shop) then like, share, and/or tag on any of our #Decembergiveaway posts. Or you can also send us a message (please don’t comment the answers) on the riddle we have posted and you will be registered for a chance to win!


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CBD is one of many components of the cannabis plant. There are over 500 of them, some are psychoactive and some are not. CBD is a medicinal non-psychoactive component. But don’t get fooled into thinking it is a useless one. CBD is great for relieving body pain caused by Fibromialgia or a simple pulled muscle. It kills cancerous cells and it is also used to treat epilepsy. It is also used to combat anxiety. Overall it has many many uses. The power of this component is magnificent, even if it doesn’t get you high.
CBD comes in many forms one of the most popular being the edibles. Lollipops, jollies, and gummies for the sweets lovers. Coffee, jam and peanut butter for the morning people. For a more relaxing feel there is also chamomile tea and coconut oil, they go great together.
For vaporizer lovers CBD also comes in the form of vape juice, with some delicious flavors like Ripe Strawberry or Lemon Lime. There are also sublingual droppletts. Simply drop ten drops under the tounge and hold for ten seconds then swallow, as simple as that. This sublingual droppletts also come if different flavors. CBD wax and crumble are also available. If these past CBD forms aren’t your cup of tea there is also the CBD lotion and massage oil.
Whatever your needs call for we hope you find it and enjoy it.